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Collaboration of Community-Based Nonprofits
OAHC is a collaboration of community-based nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing programs and services that support optimal health for all Ohio youth.

Supporting Optimal Health for All Ohio Youth

About Us

Studies show that students who practice sexual risk avoidance do better academically, experience less depression and have better long-term life outcomes than those who don’t. Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) is a fairly new term to describe the programs offered by the OAHC Project. Other community programs may offer sexual risk reduction (SRR) which reduce the risk by offering condoms and birth control. The SRA programs offered under the OAHC Project do not assume sexual activity as a starting point, but rather delve into a whole set of social emotional issues that all youth face as they develop through their formative middle school and high school years.

Smiling female lecturer helping student during her class. Student in a lecture with helpfu

​Do you know what the new K-12 standards are in Ohio for optimal health development? 

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